“Will it Fly?”
Two men both with sheer guts and determination to build an airplane that will fly, now separated by a century of time are testament to this.
In the early 1900s in a remote rural settlement in New Zealand’s South Island, Richard William Pearse  was a reluctant farmer who was determined that he was going to build an aircraft in his farm shed that would fly. The locals, in the surrounding area all thought that Pearse had lost his mind and was totally mad for even thinking he could fly like the birds, and his time better spent just being a good farmer. 
But Pearse would not be deterred and set about building his aircraft. His dream was to fly in a heavier than air powered aircraft built with his own hands and powered by his own designed engine and airframe.
On March 31st 1903 at Wiatohi in South Canterbury, many witnesses say they saw that first flight by Pearse, but to this day no physical proof exists that he flew or even got his aircraft off the ground. Speculation is that the Pearse story is complete fiction and now the product of modern day urban myth and that Pearse never ever actually became airborne.
It’s now one man's dream in 2011 to silence the critics, with an attempt to build and fly a Pearse reproduction aircraft. Ivan Mudrovcich, is a seventy-three year old retired automotive engineer, and has an attitude to his work that is very simple,
"If you are going to build it, at least make it look like some bastard has had a good go at it!" Ivan has built a lot of things in his life-time, a house, a boat, race cars, vintage motor cycles, mobility scooters, and worked on New Zealand’s first two challengers for yachting’s ultimate prize The America's Cup.
But to build a hundred year old airplane is without a doubt the ultimate challenge in Ivan’s life. Ivan has become a forensic engineer to discover the brilliance of Pearse which has helped reproduce the 1903 Pearse aircraft from some rusty old engine remains and a written description.
The West Auckland tradesman refuses to stop work in his retirement and has dedicated the last seven years of his life to painstakingly reproduce what Pearse himself might have built.
With Kiwi grit and determination we follow Ivan's journey over time to see
"Will it Fly?"
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“You can’t beat a man who won't quit!”