2010   Will It Fly ? Self funded Documentary Production...  Full Time with Shooting and Post Production and hands on help building the aircraft.
Welsh and Irish Rugby tour of New Zealand for BSkyB United Kingdom   World Cup Rugby League   BBC England
2008   Major Corporate Client Established
News and currents affairs work for Prime TV
News and current affairs work for Television New Zealand
White Glove Productions Mara Kia Program for Maori Television
2007  Cameraman:  RSVP Productions Ltd.
Attitude programme 2007 season. A programme dedicated to the disability sector in New Zealand.
Screen Time Productions Police Ten Seven Crime of the week segment.
Maori Television Native Affairs     Produced and edited story on Genetics
2006   Traveling for 8 months on a Motor vessel touring the Eastern Seaboard of the
United States of America.
1986-2006   Television New Zealand News and Current Affairs Ltd.
2003 - 2006   Senior Lighting Cameraman on Assignment, Sunday and 20/20 which are hour long format current affairs programmes.
Credited Hour Long Specials:
Anniversary Special Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior                      
Sinking of the Mikhail Lermontov
Operation Flower – in depth look at the cracking of a drug ring
All stories over the three year period required extensive national and international travel.
1992 - 2003 Senior Lighting cameramen for News Current Affairs and Sports.
100th US Golf Open Pebble Beach following Michael Campbell
2000 Sydney Olympic games
Jonah Lomus Wedding - Kimberley, South Africa
World Vision Tanzania Refugee Crisis - Tanzania
2 Americas Cup regattas
Eruption of Mt Ruapehu
Solomon Islands with New Zealand Army - Solomon Islands
50th Anniversary end of Korean War - Korea
ANZAC day coverage in Korea
Cyclone Ofa - Samoa
New Zealand APEC Conference
Pacific Forum - Tonga                      
Multiple overseas assignments for News and Current Affairs shows.
Auckland Zoo
New Zealand Kiwi Recovery Programme Operation Nest Egg - worked closely with Auckland Zoo staff.
Kiwi Eggs hatching and also Tuatara Eggs being laid.  
World First:    Red Panda's being born with infra red camera coverage.  
Development of the Rainforest at Auckland Zoo.
Cameraman /Producer/Editor
Time-lapse -  Auckland Waterfront Viaduct Basin Development
                      Americas Cup Regatta    
                      The Building of the Sky Tower                      
                      The Making of One News
                      Cats Story - Holmes Programme
                      Muriwai Gannet Colony Story - Breakfast Programme
Sent out on many occasions without a reporter to interview VIP's and various people.
Live Truck Operator with micro wave link set up and live to air location camera work.
Multi camera set ups. Audio and Vision mixing and Field directing live to air.  
1986-1991    Senior Sound Recordist for News and Current Affairs
Field Sound Recording for News and Current affairs, working for nightly news and flagship current affairs shows.
Frontline Current Affairs
60 Minutes
Holmes Programme
One News
Key events covered :
Two Fijian Coups
All Black tours of Wales Ireland England.
Cyclone Sally - Rarotonga.
All Black tours of France and Argentina.
Silver Ferns Netball Tour of Australia.
1990 Commonwealth Games.
Survived a Helicopter crash whilst on assignment for the Holmes programme at
Anaru Bay, East Cape.  June 1989
1981-1986  Tristan Films
Field sound recordist for News and Currents affairs gathering under contract to
Television New Zealand .
Key events covered:
The 1981 Springbok Tour of New Zealand
The Sinking of the Greenpeace Vessel Rainbow Warrior
Many  protests, tragic accidents, major fires and weird and wonderful happenings.
1976  Tisco New Zealand Limited
Television Aerial systems installation, Senior Rigger, Industrial, High-rise Buildings, Domestic homes.